Ronald van Zuijlen


FEBRUARY 15, 2008 - TAGS: apartment, home, job, work

Sometimes I’m really stunned by the fact that life is as fast as it is. Two weeks ago I was studying Wicket and Hibernate at Sogyo in de Bilt. As of today, I’m working at Forest & Fields in Alphen aan de Rijn, teaching myself how to work with the Escenic CMS. And that’s not all that’s new this year ^_^.

As I pointed out in this post (dutch), one of my main goals in 2008 was finding a new place to live. Yesterday, rumor has it, I got contacted by my real estate agent. She congratulated me with my new apartment! (the one on the left, with it’s window behind the car on the picture :)). I’m thrilled! Shocked really… I graduated like 6 months ago and now I’m about to buy a brand new apartment, I mean..what the hell?