Ronald van Zuijlen


APRIL 2, 2008 - Utrecht NL TAGS: holiday, spring

Yes, it’s now officially the time of birds, mosquito’s, long walks, sporting outdoors and enjoying a cold beer at the local bar. It’s just a matter of time before we will be having ‘bbq’s’ on the balcony, having ice-cream as dessert (oh wait, that’s not linked to a season :)).

Hi all, long time no see! Let’s take a peak in what has happened in the last month. I’ve been working at Forest and Fields now for almost two months and I’m still enjoying it very much. I’m looking forward on working on a project for a new customer in april, which should be fun. Yesterday I had the first official ‘coach-meeting’ with my coach from Sogyo. Together we concluded that it’s going quite well: I’ve been learning a lot about the Escenic CMS in the last two months, seem to be picking up the techniques fairly ok and have fun doing my job.

But enough of work, let’s talk about..mmm..I don’t know, my house maybe? I don’t want to sound like an old man repeating myself over and over again (although I have turned 25 in the last month), but I’m just thrilled by the fact I bought my very first home. The danger with buying a house which yet has to be built, is that I’ve got loads of time to figure out what furniture I’d like to buy, which makes it harder to choose in the end. At least, that’s what I think will be a problem. Ah well, Ill figure something out ^_^.

I’m glad the summer is coming, I should be planning my holidays soon. We’ll most likely rent a car and make our way towards the sun, France, Spain, as long as it’s sunny.

Will be blogging more, that’s a promise…