Ronald van Zuijlen

Comp died

JULY 30, 2008 - Utrecht NL TAGS: computer, gear

Rawr, my comp died this weekend :’(. During last week my comp was freezing up every once in a while. This weekend, it decided not to boot anymore. After two days of booting the Ubuntu Hardy live-cd, I’ve tried disconnecting one of my harddrives, as I suspected my 80gb WD harddrive to be faulty. After disconnecting the drive, my pc booted ok and I formatted my other disk and managed to install Ubuntu Hardy Heron again. Everything seemed to be working quite allright so I decided to close my case, literally.

When closing my comp-case my comp felt like quitting all of the sudden: it shut down. From that moment on, my comp was dead.

I lost all my music…

Good thing from this, is that I made a backup of my personal files two weeks ago, so not all is lost. Next question: will I be buying a new pc, or will I be buying a Mac…

[edit] Now my freaking phone starts to malfunction too! This while I stopped paying my phone insurance like two weeks ago… Kinda feels like Will Smith in I-Robot…everything keeps MALFUNCTIONING around me. Sigh! [/edit]

[edit2] Faith brought me an excuse to buy me a Mac and Iphone (?) [/edit2]