Ronald van Zuijlen

Computer wishlist

AUGUST 4, 2008 - Utrecht NL TAGS: computer, gear, mac, pc

It’s quite a hard choice really. Now that I’ve seen the Mac-Book of Steph (Congrats on your birthday Steph!!), I’m starting to talk myself into an Apple computer. I didn’t really notice this, until I had a talk with my girlfriend about this. She noticed I relentlessly tried to name all benefits of having an Apple computer, without mentioning the fact that a Mac is far more expensive then a PC. This while, for my goals, it’s absolutely unnecessary. At least, I think it is. To ensure I will make the correct choice, I’m creating a list of some pro’s and cons I found for both platforms. But first: my personal goals with the computer I’m going to buy.

What do I need in a computer?

The computer I’m going to buy will have to suit my needs for home computing. This means it is not required to do any hard labor like programming, VM-waring, photoshopping or anything like that. Since the moment I started working I lost appetite for programming at home: my computer should fit my needs in the following:


Although I do like movies and music, it’s not like I save everything for later. I intend to watch a movie, then delete it as I know I’ll never feel the need to see it again. Nevertheless I do want my pc to have some space available. My last computer had two harddrives of 80gb and 120gb and it was quite enough. So 200gb should be the minimum I guess.


I’m a very patient man, but not if it comes to my PC. I would like my PC to respond quickly, so a fair processor and some gigs of internal memory would be great. As I’m no longer programming or doing ‘heavy stuff’ at home, I believe 2gb of internal memory would be sufficient.

Media / Gaming

I would like my computer to be my TV too. This has been a wish of mine for the last couple of years, I had some tries with a TV-card in my last computer, but the quality was…well, it sucked. As I still live in a small room, it would be nice to get rid of my bigass high profile TV.

Gaming is was a great way to spend my time. I still like to do this every once and a while, but it’s not like it used to be. No need to buy myself a premium videocard or something. Would be nice if I could play some games on my comp, but again; not really needed.

If I read through the above list of wishes, I really believe I don’t need a hardcore computer. Do you?