Ronald van Zuijlen

Knowledge is everything

JANUARY 22, 2009 - Utrecht NL TAGS: books, coding, java, knowledge, work

Working in software development is all about knowledge. As a software developer it’s important to keep learning new techniques and methods. Education is vital to keep your worth as an employee in the IT-industry.

‘Invest regularly in your Knowledge Portfolio’

This is one of the valuable lessons learned from a book called ‘Pragmatic Programming’.

Over 1,25 years ago, I started working at Sogyo and was presented my own copy of this book. I really enjoyed reading it back then. Every now and then I still take the time to go through a chapter or two to refresh my memory and review some of the valuable lessons taught by the authors.

Going through my RSS-feeds today, one of my colleagues at Sogyo reminded me of the fact that this book, as well as many other books in these series, are very well written and -most importantly- are readable for everyone (even those who don’t have the natural drive to read through 2 books a week). That’s why I decided to order three new books, hoping I will be able to read through these in let’s say 6 months.

I ordered the following:

Should be enough to read I believe, or am I missing any good books?