Ronald van Zuijlen

Job: new start

JUNE 17, 2009 - Utrecht NL TAGS: work

This month I started a new step in my career at VLC. After a jobsearch of approximately four weeks, I had the luxury of choice in several job opportunities. VLC is the company that provides personal growth through training, interesting technologies and above all, a chance to prove myself as a consultant. These are the main reasons I chose VLC as the place I’d like to continue my career.

In the first month of work I’ll be educated through a masterclass program in which I will learn the basics of Enterprise Information Management, which results in a training in Documentum and GX as two Content Management Systems. When this month of training is done, I will be sent to one of VLC’s customers to ‘prove my worth’. In other words: I’m excited :).

Note: VLC has been renamed to Incentro.