Ronald van Zuijlen

King's Speech

FEBRUARY 28, 2011 - Utrecht NL TAGS: movies

Last friday I visited the cinema in Utrecht (Louis Hartlooper) with my girlfriend. We were in doubt of which movie we would like to see, but ended up going to ‘King’s speech’. We were in luck; we pre-ordered two of the last tickets. Apparently, the story of a stammering king attracts quite a public.


The movie made me laugh a great deal, mostly because of the excellent play by Geoffrey Rush. In his role as the kings personal speech teacher, he managed to make people laugh due to funny and daft remarks towards the king. Colin Firth also managed to translate his role as king very well. I believed it. This morning I heard the movie received four Oscars, which I believe are greatly deserved. In my opinion this movie is a must-see!