Ronald van Zuijlen

VLC becomes Incentro

OCTOBER 26, 2011 - Utrecht NL TAGS: company, incentro, job, work

As of now, VLC, the company I’ve been working for for the last two years, will no longer be the company I work for. Why? Because today our company has been re-branded to its new name:

Although I was a bit skeptic about re-branding our company at first, I think that has changed in the past months. I got used to the idea. I’m absolutely excited by the new name, logo and website of our company. It might be a bit hard to turn the switch just like that, as I cherish some great memories about the last two years of my work with VLC. Nevertheless, I’m quite sure I will create more great memories with this company in its new form! I’m eager to see if our company can keep on growing as it did the past years and I’m sure I will be able to continue contributing to the success.

Let’s do this!