Ronald van Zuijlen

New toy: Macbook Pro!

JANUARY 10, 2012 - Utrecht NL TAGS: gear, macbook pro

Since we’ve all got the internet, people tend to think well about their purchases. We all try to figure out which product fits us the best by comparing products. This is something I do regularly when thinking about buying a new product. Two weeks ago, I made one exception..

My Macbook Pro

Explaining myself

Since I’m known as a Linux fanboy, I think I should try to explain my decision. Reasons for me buying this (in descending order of ‘importancy’):

  • I want to know what it is to work with a Mac.
  • The reputation of the Mac products is quite good; I like good quality products. I like its looks. I know, I know..this shouldn’t really matter when buying a laptop for being productive at home, but still..I like its looks.

Specifically, I bought a Macbook Pro 13” i5 because of two particular reasons:

  • I want it to be as portable as possible, without doing much concessions to performance (e.g. I think I don’t like the Macbook Air). In november we moved to a new home, with multiple floors. As I’m used to being behind my PC quite a lot, this removes me from the living room every night…not very kind to my girlfriend. Furthermore: I’d like my backpack to be a bit lighter than I’m used to when carrying a 15” work laptop with me.</li>
  • I didn’t have the budget to buy something more expensive. And well, let’s be honest; this one is expensive enough(!).

Hope this works out for me. Pretty soon I think I’ll be blogging some more about wannahaves around my Macbook, as well as a post about what apps I use and like. Any hints and tips around any of these subjects are most welcome!