Ronald van Zuijlen

Comparing messenger bags

JANUARY 15, 2012 - Utrecht NL TAGS: gear, messenger bag

I thinking about buying me a new messenger bag (and no, I’m not a bike messenger). I’m kinda getting annoyed by the lack of compartmens in my current backpack, and want to have a messenger bag for a change. It should be sturdy enough the securely move my Macbook, while at the same time shouldn’t be too heavy. Below, I’ll describe my suspects:

Bonobo Messenger Bag

Bluelounge Bonobo Messenger Bag</a>

This nice looking messenger bag from Bluelounge fits in very nicely into the product-portfolio of this company. The bag has an urban look, which is mostly why I like it. I’m not sure yet if the bag has the amount of compartments I’m looking for.

Furthermore, I think this bag might be a bit too big for my needs. The website tells me a 17” Macbook would fit in there, which makes me think the bag is far too big for my small 13” laptop. Still searching for a nice video review of this bag on Youtube to make sure.

Timbuk 2 Custom Messenger Bag

Timbuk 2 sells custom messenger bags, meaning you can customize the bag to your own likings. I really like this idea and am very tempted to go for this one. Only problem: it’s an expensive bag (starts at $ 140,00) and I would need to pay for international shipping ($ 30 - 50) because the bags are sent from San Francisco. So that seems to be a no-go.

Crumpler Ziptease

Crumpler Ziptease

Crumpler also has some nice messenger bags in stock. They made a nice movie about their Ziptease laptop bag I like: watch it here. This bag has plenty compartments and I like the way the bag is opened. I like that fact is closes with both velcro as well as buckles.

The advantage of the Crumpler bag is that they seem to have European offices, so I might be able to get it from a store close to me. It would cost me € 139,-.

Ah well, I haven’t decided just yet. Which bag do you like? Any other suggestions?