Ronald van Zuijlen

Google Nexus 4: a user review

FEBRUARY 28, 2013 - Utrecht, NL TAGS: phone, nexus4, google, review

When I first got myself a smartphone, it took me only a short while to become a poweruser. Pretty soon I was using over a gig of data a month, was checking in on Foursquare practically everywhere, was Twittering, found myself doig both my personal and professional e-mail, used the calendar a lot, read my RSS-feeds on it, listened to FM-radio and my own MP3 collection etc. etc. Although I’m no longer that much of a power user, I still am geeky enough to get completely wired on a new phone.

From the first day of 2012, I’ve started to become quite the Apple fanboy. I’m absolutely hooked with the Macbook I bought, but this didn’t cause me to have any doubts between buying an iPhone or an Android. Why? Because Android never gave up on me and it gives me the perfect experience in using my Google Profile. So last month, I decided to get myself a Nexus4.

As this phone is not available in the Netherlands, I had to order it from Germany. Luckily a friend of mine was able to arrange an address in Germany to ship the phone to, as they don’t ship to the Netherlands. Let me give you my thoughts on the phone:

The Pro’s

I’m amazed by the speed with which apps are loaded. The phone responds blazingly fast on any action. This must be due to the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor and the 2GB RAM that are in there. Furthermore, the phone is very lightweight and fits into my pocket nicely. I also really like Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean), which enables some cool new features like ‘grouping’ apps on my homescreen, adding widgets to my locked screens and it also features a brand new keyboard system allowing me to swipe my words (joy!).

The Cons

Sadly enough, I’ve come up with two issues I’m trying to deal with while using the phone. The first would be that I really really loved the ability to listen to FM radio on my old phone. I used that a lot when I was on my bicycle or during exercise. The Nexus 4 doesn’t give me the option to do this. I’m not a fan of paying 10 bucks a month for a premium Spotify account, so I guess I’m stuck with my own MP3 collection then. Secondly, storage space. Although my old phone had 8 gigs of space to cram up with MP3’s and camera images. I’ve never reached that limit, until two months ago. I though it was no biggy, as my old phone had an micro-SD slot. The Nexus 4 however, does not offer any options to add storage space.

The conclusion

I really believe the pro’s outrun the cons and would recommend any Android lover to purchase the Nexus 4. It’s a joy to handle and its responsiveness is really a breeze.