Ronald van Zuijlen

New tidings

APRIL 2, 2013 - Utrecht, NL TAGS: work

Some time ago I decided to revive my blog again. Not only because I think it’s a waste of ‘history’ when throwing away all my written blogposts since 2006, but also because of the simple fact I wanted to fool around with Jekyll. So I’m back in the blogosphere and planning on writing bits and pieces again whenever I feel like it. This month, I’m officially starting to work for my new employer. Let me tell you about it.

The old

For the past four years, I’ve been doing consultancy work for Incentro. I’ve had a great time working at Incentro and I’d like to thank each and every former colleague at Incentro. It has been great fun to be able to work on a great number of projects onsite, mostly with a couple of colleagues by my side. It offered me the chance to see inside a wide variety of companies. I learned a lot about the GX Webmanager framework and Java, was forced to think of inquisitive solutions for several customers and had great fun doing it. At Incentro, I even had the chance to work on a foreign project (Sweden) for several months, which also has been great fun. Furthermore I cherish the Business Meetings and the fun events at Incentro.

For me, it was time for something new. I’ve been wondering the jobosphere for quite a long time (since mid 2012) before making my move. Main reasons I started looking:

  • The urge to plunge into a more backend type of work. I’d like to see if I’ll be able to excell on projects where products are built from scratch. No more default CMS and aligning it to customer needs. In other words: I think I’m challenging myself even more.
  • The wish to work for a smaller company (I still cherish the best memories working for a small-sized company).
  • Less travelling, more stability. As my personal life is changing as well, I’m longing for a job which is closer to my home.

The new

As of April 1st, I’m working for Siteworkers. I’m moving from a consultancy job to a (in my opinion) more ‘hardcore’ coding job. This small but sturdy company is starting to focus her attention on creating solutions for customers using the Play Framework. It’s a java/scala based MVC framework, which enables you to build scalable webapplications in a quick fashion. I’m hoping to learn a lot at my new employer and I’m gonna work my ass off to prove my worth. The company is located in Utrecht, which makes it a 30 minutes bicycle ride for me to get to work.